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Clients Testimonials

" Outstanding design and service. They delivered with professionalism and efficiency "
by George, "Buffalo Wings & Rings- South Beach"

" ADG provided our company with different sketches and materials for our corporate signage. The results were extraordinary and under budget "
by Robert Silverstein, "Silverstein Architecture"

" Fast delivery & great service: I will recommend this company, I did my front store sign at the Boca Raton mall and I am glad I found this company it is fast in delivery and great in design and price "
by David Stevens, "European Fashion"

" Outstanding work! Every storefront sign should be like ours". The Giorgio Armani Store


ADA Signs Systems

Architectural signage can move, direct, guide, inform, project. Above all, it can connect. Arkhi-tekton connects quality materials with energetic shapes. Words with color. Form with function. Sense with sensibility. Information with inspiration. All to enhance and complement your space. And your creative vision. The result is more than beautiful signage. It is signage with a true sensitivity to your space. As well as those who inhabit it.

The term "ADA Signs" has come into common use in the architectural, construction and signage industries with the advent of the Americans With Disabilities Act, or ADA. Unfortunately, it's a misunderstood term. Most people think it's synonymous with braille signs. Certainly, signs with braille and raised characters are the most visible manifestation of the law requiring access to the built environment, but the sign standards in the ADA Accessibility Guidelines, or ADAAG, require much more than just braille and raised characters on some signs.

In general, almost every sign that would be considered an "architectural" sign must comply with one or another of the ADA Guidelines. In other words, if a sign identifies a permanent room or space of a facility, including exits, directs or informs about functional spaces of the facility, or identifies, directs to, or informs about accessible features of the facility, it must comply. Signs for advertising and marketing purposes, temporary signs, company logos and names are examples of signs or sections of signs that do not have to comply.

Although, because of the rules requiring Braille on some signs, the signage section is looked upon as benefitting persons who are blind and visually impaired, some of the sign guidelines benefit persons with mobility impairments or hearing impairments. In addition, one can say generally that easy to read and well thought out signage systems are of definite benefit to people who are deaf, have problems speaking, have cognitive disabilities or psychiatric conditions that cause them to avoid speaking to strangers.

Arkhi-tekton leads the way in creating custom signage, ADA sign solutions and wayfinding systems that fits aesthetically, functionally, and effectively into the environment. At Arkhi-tekton we look at information hierarchy and provide an appropriate urban structure to minimize inaccuracy and disorder which is one of the many reasons why our company stands apart from the competition. Our clientele consists of architects, landscape architects, design firms, urban planners, general contractors, small business owners, and the residential and hospitality industry. We provide our clients with an entire turnkey package with all work consistently produced to the highest standards.

We are a team of professionals comprised of urban designers, engineers, project managers, and professional welders. Our team of experts have vast experience in the industry and are ready to assist you with any project. We work side by side with small and large clients including architects, urban planners, developers, investors, and large and small corporations. No project is too small or too big for us.

Graphic Blast Engraving Process

ADG' proprietary engraving process enables black and white artwork and text to be carved in most man-made materials including: engineered plastics, solid-surface materials, stone and wood. The surface of the substrate material is sandblasted and background material is removed leaving 1/32″ raised characters, graphics and ADA Braille. The resulting raised graphics are an integral part of a single-piece sign and cannot be removed from this virtually indestructible sign. Flame resistance, durability and UV resistance are determined by the performance specifications of the substrate material.


In Best's proprietary thermoforming process, heat and pressure are intensely applied to acrylics, engineered plastics or other materials and pressed into a mold. The resulting product is a single-piece sign with crisp, clean edges and graphic detail. Raised text and graphics are part of the sign and cannot be removed by vandals. Combined with integral color and fingerprint-resistant surface texturing, the technology offers a wide range of design flexibility and it resists impact, scratches, and gouging. The process is extremely efficient and provides for economical large-run projects such as hotels, hospitals or universities.


Phototpolymer is both a material and sign-making process. The desired graphics and raised characters are exposed via UV light to a photopolymer material substrate. A negative litho-film resist exposes all of the raised characters to the UV light which hardens the exposed elements. Unexposed parts of the sign are removed with water, leaving raised characters, graphics and Braille. The resulting sign is painted and raised characters are tipped or stamped to create a readable, ADA conforming sign.

Directory Signage

In addition to all forms of general office signage, an area where ADG can provide assistance is that of Directory Boards for your offices or building. Choose from our 7 different styles for the one which suits your building and your budget. Whether you are after one directory board for your office or multiple directory boards for you building, ADG has the solution you need. From a thickness of just 6.5mm to any thickness you prefer, we have a directory board to suit the job. All of our directory boards are made with the highest quality anodised aluminium and are built to last. The actual slats are magnetic so to change them out and move around is a simple process. At Blueprint Concepts, we have the ability to make directory boards to any specifications to suit your job. We have a range of extremely popular models, which can be altered and customised to suit you. If you have other ideas you would like, we are surely happy to help.