Channel Letters Custom Fabrication for your Storefront Location

Clients Testimonials

" Outstanding design and service. They delivered with professionalism and efficiency "
by George, "Buffalo Wings & Rings- South Beach"

" ADG provided our company with different sketches and materials for our corporate signage. The results were extraordinary and under budget "
by Robert Silverstein, "Silverstein Architecture"

" Fast delivery & great service: I will recommend this company, I did my front store sign at the Boca Raton mall and I am glad I found this company it is fast in delivery and great in design and price "
by David Stevens, "European Fashion"

We manufacture Front Lit Signs providing services to the entire South Florida




These are often called halo-lit signs and are built the opposite of standard channel letters. They have aluminum faces and clear Plexiglas backs. The result is a halo of light around the letter at night. White is by far the most popular color for reverse channel letter signs. These types of signs are classy looking during the day, and really come to life at night when the halo effect turns on.

Channel Letters can be illuminated using hi power LED modules as well as using Neon light

We provide standard, reverse, and open face channel letters manufactured from various materials such as acrylic, aluminum, corrugated plastic, and expanded PVC. Equipped with an extensive range of automated CNC machines, our assembly cells can handle large volume and complex assembly requirements. We apply several lighting techniques to channel letter signs, including face illuminated, silhouette illuminated, or a combination of both. Neon or LED lighting is commonly used to produce these illuminations.