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Clients Testimonials

" Outstanding design and service. They delivered with professionalism and efficiency "
by George, "Buffalo Wings & Rings- South Beach"

" It was a pleasure working with ADG, from the beginning to the end everything went very smooth. The time frame quoted was even earlier than expected "
Mayor Denise Bryan, Villages of Sea Ranch Lakes.

" Fast delivery & great service: I will recommend this company, I did my front store sign at the Boca Raton mall and I am glad I found this company it is fast in delivery and great in design and price "
by David Stevens, "European Fashion"

We fabricate Directory Signs in many materials and sizes. We serve South Florida.


We offer an extremely large variety of building and lobby directories, including: illuminated and non-illuminated, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, hardwood, standard models and sizes as well as custom models and sizes.

Our outdoor changeable message boards are great at getting out the message for schools, churches, park districts and the like. These units are built to last, with heavy -duty frames,weather sealed and vented. Available as illuminated and non-illuminated units, single or double faced, allows this model to adapt to most applications. Units can include radius or gable tops, lattice details, custom logos as well as routed, screened or vinyl header panels.

Some materials we use can offer a natural style and beauty as ancient as our desire to create. The letters and logo can be made of Aluminum, Bronze, Brass, Copper and Stainless Steel, Acrylic Letters, outdoor monument signs can be made from foam, stone, concrete and brick. Finishes in foam signs range from smooth to stucco. We can also re-create your logo or other special graphics.

Acrylic sheets readily available in over 20 different colors. Our Formed plastic letters offers the greatest variety of dimensional plastic letters available today from traditional to ornamental and script.

At Arkhi-tekton we work with the latest state of the art technology. We offer South Florida with the finest custom design and fabrication. Working in the entire Florida region, including Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County .

We offer high quality service, a professional team and affordable pricing. Our Prices are affordable so no matter what type of project you have our team of professionals will always be able to serve your needs and deliver your project on time and at or under budget.