Environmental Graphic Design & Wayfinding Systems

Clients Testimonials

" Outstanding design and service. They delivered with professionalism and efficiency "
by George, "Buffalo Wings & Rings- South Beach"

" It was a pleasure working with ADG, from the beginning to the end everything went very smooth. The time frame quoted was even earlier than expected "
Mayor Denise Bryan, Villages of Sea Ranch Lakes.

" Fast delivery & great service: I will recommend this company, I did my front store sign at the Boca Raton mall and I am glad I found this company it is fast in delivery and great in design and price "
by David Stevens, "European Fashion"

What is Environmental Graphic Design?


Environmental Graphic Design embraces many design disciplines including graphic, architectural, interior, landscape, and industrial design. All concerned with the visual aspects of wayfinding, communicating identity and information; shaping the idea of place. Some common examples of the Environmental Graphic Design includes wayfinding systems, architectural graphics, signage, exhibit design, identity graphics, dynamic environments, civic design, pictogram design, retail and store design, mapping, and themed environments.

Our design solutions are concerned with aesthetics as well as function while being sensitive to budgetary and time constraints.

Whether you're building a brand new facility, renovating an existing campus, consolidating offices or developing a master plan, we will develop a scope of services that is based on your specific needs.

We Provide with:

Environmental Graphic Design.
A.D.A Compliant Signage, Space Planning, Graphic Interior and Exterior Design, On-site and Off-site Signage Systems, Hospitality Signage (Hotels and Resorts), Airport Signage, Architectural, Visual Enhancements, Exhibit Design and Print Materials. Branding. Identity Brand Development, (Cooperate Identity, Visual Style, Messaging), Application Standards and Guidelines Key Messaging.

Wayfinding Systems.
This includes interior and exterior pedestrian and vehicular directional signage, building or campus directories, building and tenant identification elements, info booths/kiosks, and architectural clues (land marking, zoning, pathways, etc.). In addition to experts in signage planning and design also includes the custom fabrication and installation of each designed element.

Place Making Elements.
Creating public art, street furniture, paving patterns, seasonal pageantry, and other non-signage elements used to enhance the physical environment. Also creating a stronger sense of place and supporting the project's brand position. Creating solutions helping people to navigate and engage the public realm. Surveying & Master

Signage Planning Services. Each survey is tailored to meet the client's precise needs and typically includes, measured building, elevations, signage, fixture and commodity layout. We also undertake extensive topographic surveys for major developments; new builds extensions, car parks and PFS.