We Custom Manufacture any Neon and LED Illuminated Signs

Clients Testimonials

" Outstanding design and service. They delivered with professionalism and efficiency "
by George, "Buffalo Wings & Rings- South Beach"

" It was a pleasure working with ADG, from the beginning to the end everything went very smooth. The time frame quoted was even earlier than expected "
Mayor Denise Bryan, Villages of Sea Ranch Lakes.

" Fast delivery & great service: I will recommend this company, I did my front store sign at the Boca Raton mall and I am glad I found this company it is fast in delivery and great in design and price "
by David Stevens, "European Fashion"

" We can custom fabricate any signs providing services to the entire South Florida "




ADG will manufacture and install neon and illuminated signage at your premises. The neon can be exposed for a very bright look or it can be placed behind the lettering to produce a 'washed out' effect. Get additional information and photos of examples of neon signage we have manufactured and installed by contacting ADG.

ADG will design your signage with your corporate identity in mind, ensuring there is a consistent theme throughout all components.

An alternative and increasingly more popular option is the use of LED These are more efficient and not as delicate as neon signs. The ultra slim lightbox or edge lit lightbox is also another option.

Our in-house designers can work closely with you and your building to make sure the signs match the look and feel of the property.

Aluminum acrylic and stainless steel lettering fabrication

ADG can manufacture all forms of lettering from Fabricated, illuminated signage to basic acrylic letters.

Whether you require stainless steel, aluminium, Alucobond or Plastic letters ADG can supply and install these for you. Our state-of-the-art routers and ability to 2 pac or powdercoat your signage ensures great finishes and results that will last. ADG have cost effective solutions that will transform your retail or commercial space into something special.

Ultra-slim light boxes

Definition: thin, top of the range lightboxes that use edgelite illumination in high quality lightweight aluminium frames.

Some of the features benefits of these units include:

- Magnetic strips used to securely hold graphics in place

- Sign face retention system locks the cover in place firmly

- A hard, clear acrylic front cover protects your prints/posters from scratches and grime

- You can change your posters easily from the front at any time using the suction cap provided. Aluminium extrusion can - be powder-coated to colour match

- T5 lamps used produce greater light and are more efficient than normal flouros

- Acrylic core spreads light evenly throughout the surface

- Lightbox can be mounted on a wall or suspended from a ceiling via the optional hanging kit

All ultra-slim lightboxes are custom made to size and some of the options include weatherproofing boxes, double-sided boxes, non-illuminated boxes, hinged and lockable boxes. Lightboxes start at 2 inches thick, the Starfire 38 and the frameless boxes start at 2 inches thick. Double-sided boxes start at 1 inch thick. We also offer cheaper snapper frames if required.

For maximum image vibrancy, ADG's recommend you use a transparency poster print that lets light through effectively as opposed to traditional paper posters. Speak to ADG about these quality backlit films.

Retail and shopping center signage

ADG has carried out hundreds of retail and shopping centre signage projects.

ADG have worked closely with most of the shopping centre operators to ensure that the signage for their retailers looks great. In addition ADG have also done some work for the shopping centres themselves. We are therefore familiar with what is permitted in various centres and what is not. This makes the choice of your signage an easier process.

Most retailers use either large format graphics, lightboxes or fabricated letters or a combination of all of these. You will see all these in the photos in our portfolio.

Whether you have a single shop or a national chain of stores, ADG will work with you to enhance the look and feel of your brand.

Machinery and facilities

Our routers and printers are state of the art. We ensure that all manufacturing equipment is kept up-to-date which enables our pricing to remain competitive and our output to be very efficient. The end result is a quality product.

Our manufacturing facilities are modern and located in convenient positions close to the mayor highways and port which offer even greater flexibility in the transition from manufacturing to delivery and installation.

Please let us know if you would like further information on any of the equipment we have available for use.

Our staff

Staff involved in the manufacturing process of at ADG have been in the industry for many years. Our production techniques and output prove this. Each and every member of the production team understands best practice methods and they are continually trained on the latest techniques. ADG have a flexible workforce which means when signage is required in very quick turn-around times, we have the ability to ensure it gets done.

ADG believe in using high quality inputs and best practice construction methods to ensure your signs are manufacturing and built not only to last many years but also to be safe when exposed to the public. Our experienced team will work with you to recommend the best materials for the outcome you desire.